Part Of Life (Official Video)

“Part of Life” inspired and created by Dim Vach and Anna Tarba for the 20th anniversary of Ministry Music Hall. Ministry Music Hall is an all-day café-bar in Sparta, passionate about beautiful cocktails, good music and special events.The building itself is a piece of art, dating back to 1927 when it was built by the former Ionian Bank. Instead of a bank it hosted a café-dairy for almost forty years and became a supermarket for another twenty eight.In 1997, exactly seventy years after its construction, it re-opened its doors as Ministry Music Hall.Since then, Ministry Music Hall has gained a great reputation and it considered to be among the best café bars in Greece.

Written arranged and produced by Dim Vach

Lyrics & Vocals by Anna Tarba

Video clip Produced by Dimitris Vachaviolos.

Directed by Alexis Stefos & Dimitris Vachaviolos (DOT. Production House)

Choreographed and danced : Periklis Petrakis

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