Dim Vach & Anna Tarba – Myrtilo

Dim Vach is not stranger to experimenting with traditional instruments and blend electronica with ethnic elements, sounds and stories. Once again he meets Anna Tarba in the studio and the outcome is a story… painted blue. Myrtilo #Blueberry is called the saddest fruit. Here, Anna Tarba is telling a story about human loss. All people experiencing losses in their lives. Most of the times we don’t recover from grief, in many cases however, this situation make us stronger & conscious. Productionwise, Dim Vach brings together polyphonic traditional greek vocals, electronic beats, heavy basses & ethnic instruments like Turkish oud & Greek bouzouki, creating a mystagogic subterranean atmosphere lead us to a bucolic final greek dance.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————– mirtilli / μύρτιλο / 블루베리 / blåbær / bloubessie / հապալաս / nabiu / 蓝莓 / borůvka / bosbes /mirtelo / mustikas / توت myrtille / áfonya / bláber / bluberị / mirtillo / mėlynių / боровинка / ဘလူးဘယ်ရီ / زغال اخته / Jagoda / gök gül / Yabanmersini / amajingijolo / ブルーベリー / việt quất xanh / บลูเบอรร์ ่ี / blåbär / بليو بيري / borovnica / čučoriedka / чорниця / llus / караҗиләк
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Written by Dim Vach & Anna Tarba
Produced by Dim Vach
Vocals by Anna Tarba
Sax by Spiros Nikas
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