• Dim Vach

music with a view of the reality surrounding us and the creations of our imagination.


We got to know him as a collaborator of the Sugar House project, within which he put his signature on tracks like “Desire”(included in the best selling compilation Buddha Bar XIV) and “What’s left behind”(a collaboration with one of house music’s top vocalists, Jocelyn Mathieu) and many more. At the same time, he has been releasing his music and remixes through labels such as: Planetworks, d:vision, Mahayana Records & The Sound of Everything. Highlighting his endeavors is the inclusion of “In Love with a Mermaid” in the Buddha Bar XV compilation. The track is part of his concept EP “Colours of the World”. During this very creative and productive period of his life, he is planning a future of new ideas, experimentations and unexpected collaborations. He is now collaborating with Break The Rule Records, Nomi Ruiz and the Jessica 6 project towards the creation of new music,  although it seems that the foundations for a solo album are quite strong.





for bookings, info and any other inquiries please contact at info@dimvach.com 


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